Why should you be a Giveplicity Merchant?
Because customers will shop where it does the most good.

Recent consumer behavior studies state categorically that today’s consumers are more socially committed than ever before. Data shows they are more likely to spend their money with companies they believe actually care about their community and not just about “making a buck.” What that means for today’s businesses is simple: People who “give to their community” choose to do business with businesses that do the same.

And as a Giveplicity Merchant, that’s exactly what you do every day...you partner with each individual Giveplicity Member to do good in your community.

Here’s how it works:

When you register as a Giveplicity Merchant, you simply commit to donate a specific percentage of every purchase made by a Giveplicity Member to the Community Organization that Member has designated. At the end of each month, Giveplicity sends you a detailed accounting of all the purchases made by Members and take your specified donation via the company credit card or account you’ve registered with us.

Each month you make one simple payment to Giveplicity and we send the individual donations to the organizations specified by each individual Giveplicity Member.

It’s as simple and automatic as that.

Giveplicity gives Merchants significant benefits!

As a Giveplicity Merchant you have a powerful advantage in winning the business and loyalty of a wider base of customers by turning their everyday purchases into donations to the charities and organizations they choose. You are not choosing their causes for them or forcing them to support yours. You are actively helping them help the causes they themselves are most passionate about.

Join us in doing good in your own community! 24/7/365. Giveplicity never stops doing good. It’s as simple and as powerful as that.

But your business has to be registered in the Network…and that’s easy to do.