Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does it cost to become a Giveplicity merchant?

A: Good news; there are no sign up fees, no fixed monthly fees, you only pay when a customer makes a purchase. This is pure pay for performance marketing!

Q: What is the value of being a Giveplicity merchant?

A: You can now say yes to every customer who requests a donation from your business, because Giveplicity can be your new giving platform. You will also receive free mobile phone advertising through the Giveplicity mobile phone application. Everyone using the app will know not just your hours and location(s), but that your business actively gives back to the community too.

Q: How does Giveplicity benefit my business?

A: Your business will benefit in three amazing ways. First, you will significantly increase customer loyalty, because Giveplicity can become your loyalty program! Second, customers will spend more at your business if they know you are giving back to the charity they are most passionate about. Third, you will acquire new customers by advertising for free to the ever- growing Giveplicity consumer network.

Q: What do I need to change to be a part of Giveplicity?

A: Absolutely nothing, no special cards, no special equipment, no coupons, no codes. It is as simple as registering online at Giveplicity provides all the reports and feedback to you every month.

Q: How are my donations processed?

A: Each month you make one simple payment to Giveplicity and we send the individual donations to the organizations specified by each individual Giveplicity member.

Q: What percent are businesses required to give?

A: It is completely your decision; you chose the % when you register your business. You can even change your % give once a month through your account on the Giveplicity website. Remember, the more you give back the higher ranking you will have on the mobile app search results.


Q: What percentage of every donated dollar does our organization receive?

A: Your organization will receive a net, after the transaction fees are paid, 70% of every donated dollar. This will be a great new donation stream that requires little effort, and you don’t have to ask your members to write another check!

Q: Are there monthly or fixed fees Giveplicity charges the organizations?

A: None! There are no sign-up fees, no fixed ongoing fees, no contracts. Our desire to bring you a hassle free, low cost new donation stream!

Q: How much effort does my organization need to put into the Giveplicity program?

A: It’s really very easy and user friendly because Giveplicity provides you with all materials, emails, videos, and letters you will need to launch the program. We ask that you encourage your members to register into the Giveplicity network, and that you periodically remind your current and new members about the Giveplicity program.

Q: Is there a way organizations can earn more than 70%?

A: Yes there is. Ask how your organization can join the Giveplicity Partner Program for even more donations!