About Us

Giveplicity is a revolutionary new network of socially-conscious merchants and community organizations that has been created for the sole purpose of generating increased charitable giving in communities across the nation. Utilizing advanced credit card linking technologies and our own proprietary software, we have created this dynamic, powerful partnership that uses the common, everyday purchases of its members to generate critical donations to expand the good work of the community organizations they are most passionate about. Merchants in the Giveplicity Network can achieve far deeper customer loyalty – while expanding their customer base and increasing their sales volume – by intimately aligning their business with the unique community passions of every customer that walks through their door.

For consumers and merchants who have a strong desire to take an active part in improving the community in which they live, work, raise their families, and run their business, Giveplicity provides a powerful way to give back as a natural, easy, constant part of their lives.

With the Giveplicity Network, it really is as simple as “give as you live.”